NINE KNITTERS from the counting book project BEDTIME DOZENTanya Shpakow outside of the Applewood StudioOld DonnaLeroy and his New BowlHere is another Applewood Studio Model.  
His name is Leanie. Unfortunately, he's a biter-- modeling will do that to you. BuffoTOUGH RATTY  a sketch from the book project with the working title:
THE ISLAND OF THE SIX-TOED CATSThis is one of the larger 
Applewood Studio 
storyboarding walls. 
If a picture is worth a thousand words, it follows that a thousand pictures can say anything a million times better....The Scarlet Letter  (book jacket cover) 
The Maid was in the Garden Hanging Out the Clothes The Applewood Studio Bully-- 
Mister Willy Tell Yarn EaterFlying Dreams from the PradoPerhaps your first instinct would be to say to yourself, 
    "only an imbecile would obey this sign."   When the chalkboard has this message, please beware!  
(Spread from the children's book,
BABA, written and illustrated by 
Tanya Shpakow /
published by Alfred Knopf)"I don't want this yucky old bear!"  
    Four and Twenty Black Birds Baked ....  Hat Cat Wallflower (in progress)   sketch from the ISLAND OF THE SIX-TOED CATS
Meet another studio model--
the formidable Mrs. E.  

Alas, due to her touchy personality, she was only a temporary hire. Currently, she resides in Australia.Prince Puffypants How did this bear get himself stuck in a snowbank? (detail) Russian Orthodox Priest

 Two at Large Slobberchops The Cat Caught the ZzzzsPictured at the left is one of  our more versatile Applewood Studio models. Here you can see she has been Photo-shopped within an inch of her life-- she is actually a dog named Fritzie.An array of working titles. The  Applewood writing system involves a creative mess, along with the modern online storage solutions.Puddle
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