• Who are the Dunderheads?

    Prepare to meet the Dunderheads, a family whose real name is a carefully guarded secret. The written compilation of their adventures illustrated with graphic graphite sketches are coming together as a distinct products--a spectacularly interesting line of HOW-TO books.

    Slobberchops, featured in the portfolio section of this Applewood Website, is a Dunderhead pet. Later you'll have an opportunity to meet Sprinkles the ferret as well as Frisky the tarantula.

    You may contact the Dunderheads by email:

    Sorry it's not clickable.Try the old copy and paste method. To make up for all your trouble, maybe Pappy Dunderhead will write back to you. In the meantime, the Applewood computer classes, including Dreamweaver, will be continuing during the next calendar year. Then you will be able to click until your finger drops off....

    It is important to know that Tanya Shpakow is not and has never been a Dunderhead.